SEXUAL EDUCATION is a priority, parents are the first educators of children.

The family continues to be the basis of  SOCIETY even though its original conception has been modified.

As it is now in the news, many avant-garde countries are approving or have already passed the VOLUNTARY INTERRUPTION LAW OF PREGNANCY.

It is important to emphasize certain concepts.

Having a law on sexual health is not enough.

While the intention of this blog is not to establish value judgments about whether or not the law should exist.

From the point of view of knowledge in sexual and reproductive health , what should be emphasized is the importance and necessity of adequate sexual health, from home, as the first line of training.

There must be a change of PARADIGM on sexual education, the legal progress on the decriminalization of abortion law is not worth it, if the education in the initial and primary education centers is not provided adequately.

The first concepts are provided by parents at home; with the simple fact of naming things by their name, the genital organs have their own name, you do not have to name them or nicknames. As the child grows and asks about specific issues: where we come from, how we are born, why the baby has a vulva and the male penis, why the girls have mammary glands and the fathers nipples; only by responding with clear and concise concepts, are they educating positively, in a horizontal relationship with their children.

It is essential to have a bond of trust with your children, to be able to instruct them about the physical and psychological changes that will take place in pre-adolescenceThey can not help suggesting, according to the pre-adolescent’s maturity, topics for dialogue that continue to be TABÚ. Equal or different sexual relations between sexes, contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted infections, the importance of pregnancies being desired and sought after at the appropriate age, with the right person. the importance of the first sexual relationship.Educate in tolerance towards the couple, the right to choose how, when, where, with whom to have sexual relations.

Emphasize the concept that abortion is not a CONTRACEPTIVE METHOD.That remains a crime, and that ultimately for some cultures a homicide.”The voluntary interruption of pregnancy will not be penalized provided that certain legal requirements are fulfilled, it must be done before twelve weeks of gestation, receive advice from a medical professional in the health provider, the woman must state why of her decision: which were the circumstances that led to the conception, if you are experiencing situations of economic, social or family hardship, which at your discretion prevent you from continuing with the pregnancy. “Later, you should be assisted by a multidisciplinary team,” where you will receive advice on the content of law 18.987 (Uruguay), the characteristics of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the risks inherent to this practice, alternatives to abortion, social and economic support programs, the possibility of giving their child for  adoption“.

The objective of this team’s work is “support and containment, to guarantee that the information is accurate and reliable, and that in case its decision is positive, it is conscious and responsible, and then this team will provide sexual and reproductive health advice. , to prevent a next UNWANTED pregnancy. ”

“The will of the woman will be expressed in an informed consent.”

“All this process of accompaniment to women ensures that the decision is conscious, voluntary, without pressure from third parties, both to continue and to interrupt pregnancy, as well as the confidentiality and identity of the woman”, to avoid STIGMATIZING the young woman in the community where he lives and by the health team.

We must change our archaic way of thinking, we must open up, educate their children so that they ARE HAPPY, FULL IN THEIR PERSONAL PROJECTS, that they are good people for the society where they live and for their own being. Remembering that the right of each person ends where the right of the other begins.

It is important to take time to CONVERSE with the children, learn to listen to what they want to transmit, learn to decode their expressions. Knowing how to be present in the upbringing of children, contain, helps prevent future unwanted situations in the behavior of young people.




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Educating for life is the best legacy a father can give to his son. The principles of the human being are indestructible. Sexologist, midwife, mother, wife, tireless fighter to leave a better society for teenagers.


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