Xenphobia also reaches the rejection of ethnic, political, cultural, social groups different from us …

It is an ideology that rejects different cultural identities.

Discrimination is based on personal prejudices, to justify segregation to different groups, so as not to lose personal identity.

Xenophobia is not only national, but local. One can be xenophobic in his own city, with individuals who come from other places, especially in tourist places, in season when the demand for job offers increases.

Many times xenophobia is also economic, since the person considers that the immigrant is a competition, harming the sources of work, giving work to foreigners, in deficient working conditions, both in the demands and in the economic remuneration.

A clear example of xenophobia, we are living it with our Venezuelan brothers, since in the bordering countries, the acts of violence are continuous, even until the physical mistreatment towards foreigners …

Human beings have a very bad memory, since all the countries of America, come from their predecessors of European or African immigrants, since unless they are descendants of Native Americans, they are scarce. The rest of the American population is descended from immigrants

There are many places in the world where there is a trans-population from one country to another.  From Mexico to the United States. The same happens if an American, moves to live in Europà. This also happens in Europe today mainly with immigrants from Africa, or the Middle East … Or the United Kingdom from Europe.

Generally the reason for this personal decision, to leave your country, is to seek the best economic situation, for the individual and the family.

There is a WORLD CRISIS; although each crisis is particular to the country of origin. Crises can be different: economic, social, security, VALUE … War.

Fight to improve, to achieve the PERSONAL OBJECTIVES, life projects, is very laudable.
Each individual must fight for what he wants, even if it costs. There are fundamental rigths that we all need to satisfy: to live with dignity, housing with the basic inputs: electricity, water, sanitation. Free education, work with a decent wage and adequate conditions; access to public or private health.

Satisfying basic needs helps us to be complete people, with higher satisfaction rates, positive behaviors that strengthen us to be good people for ourselves and the society in which we live.


On a sexual level we are also xenophobic, it is hard for us to admit the sexual diversity that is at our side, that has a sexual preference different from us.

Many people reject homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals. But also to the one who has a different colored skin, or a different race … It is in us to be able to change our paradigms, to be able to live in harmony with the world that surrounds us.


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Education for life now

Educating for life is the best legacy a father can give to his son. The principles of the human being are indestructible. Sexologist, midwife, mother, wife, tireless fighter to leave a better society for teenagers.


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