Every time I question myself more, what is happening to this society so corrupt and sick in which our children are growing.

Why every day the news in the oral and written press portals are: “That they raped a woman”, “that they abused a child”, “that a femicide occurred”, without counting the deaths by “adjustments of accounts “,” armed robberies “,” deaths of young people in traffic accidents “. They are news that one does not want to hear in a press headline.


The lack of dignity, the mind out of its senses, the actions without control; perhaps they are the product of the PROBLEMATIC CONSUMPTION of SUBSTANCES.

Does the drugs burn them so much that they do not distinguish between good and evil? Or as a consequence of the consumption of illicit substances, people are uninhibited and perform all acts that are prohibited and are not allowed by the society in which they live. People have lost all kinds of limits, values ​​of coexistence, respect for others, including respect for their own blood and their affections.

It is worrying that in a country as small as Uruguay, there are more and more violent acts that were unthinkable a year ago … The symptoms of an SOCIETY SICK, of a SOCIETY IN CRISIS.

Learn to live in a society in CRISIS, where the value of HUMAN has been lost; where the power to converse face to face with the other is a UTOPIA … Where LIFE is lived through SOCIAL NETWORKS, where for many people daily life happens through what they publish in twiter, facebook, instagram …

How do social networks influence our daily behavior? We imitate others, we induce ourselves to realize our daily actions, we are autonomous, we are able to discern between reality and the fantasy of cyberspace.

As a referent adult, you must be concerned and take care to educate your children in a home with CLEAR references, with POSITIVE values, instill respect towards others, be able to work tolerance to changes, the management of personal frustrations. Educate them so that they can develop as good people, being able to specify their personal projects, so that they are self-sufficient, so that they are people with a critical sense and above all who THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

That they value themselves and be coherent between what they think and what they do. To learn that one as an ADULT should give a good example, so that children imitate us in the way of good.

Without going into an analysis of what happens in the political sphere; where the rulers are so AVAROS AND AMBITIOUS, that all they want is to amass the money of the people and take it on planes to the FISCAL PÀRADISE … And that the poor people perish and suffer in misery ….

Not to mention the horrors that are seen in the Catholic Church and in the Sects …Pedophilia, induction to death in masses … Sexual abuse, Prostitution.

The WORLD IS IN CRISIS … we must try to stay on our axis, firm to overcome the scourges that beset us, to build a BETTER WORLD for our children …

A letter of tango mentions that “THE WORLD IS MISSING A SCREW” …


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Education for life now

Educating for life is the best legacy a father can give to his son. The principles of the human being are indestructible. Sexologist, midwife, mother, wife, tireless fighter to leave a better society for teenagers.


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