As everything evolves in this world, love and relationships also change over the decades.


In a changing society, where the limits are blurred, where you tend to accept everything, prioritizing the love and happiness of the person. These relationships are gestating and raise the level of complexity as they go on in time.

We can define the POLY LOVE as a “neologism”, where it is possible to have more than one intimate, loving, sexual relationship, simultaneously with more than one person of the same or different sex ; in total agreement and consensus between all the members. Where the rules and ways of facing the conviction; to mark the behaviors accepted by them, they are established by all the members of this polyamorous relationship.

In the 90’s, the first polyamorous movement began at the global level, having as a prelude in the United States, with the hippie movement in the 60’s.

The polyamory movement is at a stage comparable to the gay movement several decades ago, struggling to be more visible in society to be accepted as a legitimate option and to have the same rights as monogamous couples. It is a minority option and little known.

People who are polyamorous, have to have the skills and attitudes necessary to be able to handle relationships of this type, with the challenges and obstacles that we find in today’s globalized society, since we have to derive the traditional model of monogamous and heterosexual couples and marriages.

You have to be emotionally and socially prepared to carry out this type of relationship. Since not all communities approve and you always have to fight with the “who will say” and social questions, as does the LGBT movement for their rights .It must be emphasized that the emphasis of moliamor is not marriage and the possibility of having several lovers of one or more sexes simultaneously.


It is a relationship based on trust, sinceraty and respect for others, where conscience, honesty and good communication are essential in this type of loving structure.

Loyalty and the ability to negotiate boundaries are important, understanding among all parties involved.

Where the fundamental concept in this type of relationship is that it is not allowed to be possessive with the other members.

Polyamorous people are very open to have an obvious permissiveness, so there is no sexual or loving exclusivity of their partner or himself.

Generally, relationships are long-term, deep and committed.

Jealousy is usually present in this type of dynamic, but it is essential to learn to master them, since it is impossible to be part of the polyamorous circle.

Other actors that come into play in this relationship are: the  fidelity that we can conceive of as “honesty” with the loves involved in this relationship; prioritizing the commitments that are established with each of the members, maintaining the mutual prohibition of having sexual or loving relationships with people outside this triadWe can conceive fidelity as the ability not to deceive, not to betray the other two.

We understand it as a moral value as a result of love for an important person in this moment of life. It is an internal wealth of the person, in whom we trust. Fidelity is the satisfaction of being with that person.

The word engaged in this type of relationship is highly valued, and what is prioritized is the good of all the members.

Understanding is an important factor if we understand it as an emotional state of empathic happiness experienced by seeing another individual experiencing happiness and joy.Respect for others and good communication in the polyamorous relationship are important elements to achieve success.

We can not forget the importance of negotiation in order to establish the rules of the game, of coexistence since there are three people involved, and Agreements have to be accepted, and easily modifiable and evaluable in the course of the relationship.In this type of relationship people can not be possessive, since this is contrary to the rules.

There can not be a dominant, but everything goes through the horizontality and trust of the three members.

This type of relationship has objections of a different nature for society in general: objections of the religious type.


We can not forget that when having sexual encounters with more than one person, both men and women must take extreme prophylactic measures to avoid acquiring a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

We must remember that any of the triad had previous sexual experiences, and the couple in question could have been carriers of a Sexually Transmitted Infection, increasing the chance of transmitting it.

The use of male condoms and female  condoms are essential, as well as a hormonal contraceptive method in the case of women.


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